Safety First

Caring For Our Guests is Our #1 Priority

Our small group kayak tours provide a natural physical distance from others. This entire activity is conducted outside in the fresh air, with an abundance of physical distancing. 

In response to COVID-19 we have developed a comprehensive safety protocol for our staff and for our customers.  

For Customer Comfort and Safety

  1. Whenever possible, we encourage online reservations and online waiver signing. Where online reservations are not possible we have developed protocols to enable proper distancing and sanitary conditions for working with customers at the point of sale.
  2. Your privacy will always be maintained. In the event of an outbreak that you may have been near we will have your information logged in case of future contact tracing needs.
  3. We have developed outdoor check-in procedures to avoid the need for customers to enter our facilities. At our facility we will provide visual references for adequate distance between participants.
  4. Our facilities have adequate space for physical distancing during tour check-ins, and when outfitting customers.
  5. When outfitting participants with lifejackets, staff will maintain physical distance. When physical distance is not possible staff will wear appropriate PPE.
  6. We have staggered our tour departure times to minimize contact between staff and groups of participants.
  7. As always, AKT maintains small tour group sizes compliant with CDC and State recommendations. 
  8. Kayaks on the beach or docks are staged to maintain proper distancing during launching and landing.
  9. Cleaning protocols have been developed to allow for proper sanitation of kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets using CDC and EPA approved products.
  10. We encourage customers to cancel if you are feeling unwell. You can reschedule with no penalty when you are feeling better. 

    For Employee Safety

    1. Our staff have been trained in identifying COVID-19 symptoms, use of PPE, proper handwashing, and how to maintain physical distancing in the workplace.
    2. We have established CDC and DOH recommended protocols for surveying staff for wellness when employees arrive at work.
    3. Employees need to self-isolate and inform a supervisor immediately if they develop a fever.
    4. We will not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.
    5. We have policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following an employee’s positive COVID-19 test.
    6. Our staggered tour departures allow for fewer staff to be on site together, facilitating the ability to properly distance themselves from each other. 
    7. We provide appropriate PPE for staff, and educate them on proper use of PPE.
    8. We have established CDC/LNI/DOH recommended protocols for frequent disinfecting of high use common areas and surfaces.
    9. Owners and managers keep up to date with all changes in health information that are happening daily and communicate any updates to their staff.