AKT Guide Claire Bickford

Claire Bickford


Claire was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and spent much of her childhood kayaking and canoeing in the lakes and rivers around her home. Like many young people she looked westward for adventure and moved across the country to attend Western Washington University where she is getting a degree in freshwater ecology. In addition to freshwater Claire loves the ocean too! After moving to Washington State Claire fell in love with the San Juan Islands and all of the marine life that lives there.   An avid naturalist, Claire enjoys spending time exploring out the coast lines, looking for starfish, and kayaking alongside the seals. When she's not by the water, Claire is usually up in the mountains, climbing, skiing and exploring the North Cascades. She also enjoys the quiet days at home in Bellingham where her hobbies include throwing pottery and painting. Claire looks forward to spending the summer on the water with visitors, and sharing all that the San Juans have to offer.

Claire Bickford, AKT Guide