Jake Lawlor


Jake came to us several years ago from the hot Central Texas Hillcountry. After working summers teaching outdoor education during college and leading scorching hot desert kayaking trips, Jake made the switch to temperate climate to start working at our local marine science research lab. After a few months in the San Juans, he was sold, and joined the AKT team to share his enthusiasm for weird and wonderful marine life with anyone who would listen. (His knowledge is boundless, and people tend to want to listen!)

Jake's is endeavors in science and outdoor ed have taken him from the Gulf of Mexico, to the North Pacific, from the beaches of Tanzania to the islands of Southeast Asia. Jake is now knee deep in his Master's research on climate change and marine invertebrate larvae, but he paddles with AKT to get out of the lab and into the real world whenever he can.

Jake Lawlor, AKT Guide