Bioluminescence Sea Kayak Trips in Deception Pass State Park

This unique 3-Hour sea kayaking trip is a true celebration of light. Paddling in open water as the day draws to a close and the sun sets is an experience that few have the chance to enjoy.

Paddling under a moonless night sky in waters brushed with bioluminescent light is magical. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Luckily for us, most bioluminescence organisms are found in the ocean! We set up our sunset paddles when it is forecast to be the most active. Whatever the night may bring, this will be an experience that will stay with you for your lifetime.

May - September

Per Person: $139 | Minimum age: 12 years
Price per person. Tandem and triple kayaks only. More Info: Rates & Schedules

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No single kayaks are available for this from this location. If you would like a single you need to join us for a three hour or five hour from Anacortes.

Here are a few fun facts

    • Much of our experience will occur when bioluminescent algae or bacteria are on the surface of the ocean.
    • Great wildlife viewing - perhaps even more so during the waning light of sunset.
    • The color of the light depends on habitat and the organism–in the ocean that is a beautiful blue-green.
    • Bioluminescence 'super powers' can be used to find a mate, fend off predators, and to help in the hunt for prey.

Abundant Wildlife

The protected shorelines of Deception Pass State Park are a wildlife viewing hotspot in Washington State. The fast-moving waters in the Narrows under the Deception Pass Bridge circulate nutrients that feed a diverse web of life - even under the night sky. Seals and porpoises occur in large numbers here. Bald eagles are plentiful, as well as falcons and hawks. Deer graze on grassy slopes, and playful otters frolic at water’s edge. Whether on land or at sea, you are sure to encounter plenty of animals in Deception Pass State Park!

Beautiful Scenery

The huge old-growth trees provide a stunning backdrop to beautiful Bowman Bay, where our trips depart. In the distance, the Olympic Mountains rise abruptly from the sea and the massive Strait of Juan de Fuca stretches out to the Pacific Ocean. Kelp forests and twisted shorelines create a feast for the eyes. Deception Pass is one of the most beautiful places in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State.