5-Hour Sea Kayaking Trips Friday Harbor / San Juan Island

You only have a short time to visit Friday Harbor and you want to have the best sea kayaking experience possible. Seeing a lot of wildlife and beautiful Washington State scenery are the two most important considerations for you, and you’d love to absorb some of the history of the place. Let your fun and entertaining guide lead you on this voyage of discovery. Join us!

April - September / Limited October - March

Per Person: $119
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Departing: 11:00am

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Depart from the north side of San Juan Island and steer your kayak out into the wildlife rich waters near the Battleship Island National Wildlife Refuge. Seals are abundant here, and Bald eagles are common. Entering the “Orca Highway”, on the west side of the island, you will begin to search for pods of Orca whales that may be in the area.

This whole area is rich with history. The harbor here was formerly a bustling industrial center which mined limestone and fired it in kilns to produce the lime used in road-building from Seattle to San Francisco.


  • Great wildlife viewing! A National Wildlife Refuge along the route ensures plenty of sightings.
  • Orca whales are frequently encountered.
    Historical sites.
  • Learn about how this place was a part of Washington State history.
  • Fun and entertaining kayak guides.
  • Complimentary shuttle to the launch site.

Abundant Wildlife

The Battleship Island National Wildlife is along our route on this trip. Surrounded by thick forests of kelp, this island provides a protected area for a dense seal population. Curious animals frequently pop up near our kayaks as we cruise by. In nearby trees listen for the call of Bald eagles, and watch for deer swimming between the islands. This tour also transits into the “Orca Highway”, nicknamed for the frequency of Killer whale sightings here. Your guides will be keeping watch for the telltale blows of an approaching pod.

Beautiful Scenery

Departing from a quaint historic resort, you begin your trip in a beautiful place. Exchange pleasantries with summer boaters as you head out of the marina. Exiting the marina your views will change dramatically. Wild vistas into the Canadian Gulf Islands open up, and several of the outer San Juan Islands come into view. The protected northwest side of San Juan Island provides warm and quiet marine air filled with an intoxicating fragrance of evergreen trees and sea life. On San Juan Island there is no place more peaceful than here.

No Experience Necessary!

Like all of our tours, this 5-hour sea kayaking trip requires no previous paddling experience. Your professional guide will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.

We have designed our day trips to be comfortable and fun outings. The goal is not to cover vast territory, but rather to move slowly and take in your surroundings. After all, the slower you go the more you will see! If you would prefer this to be a more strenuous activity then please give us a call. We may possibly be able to arrange a trip that suits your needs.

Picnic on an Island

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. We will stop at a quiet beach for a break. Stretch your legs and take in spectacular views of the surrounding islands as well as seals and porpoise swimming offshore. There will be ample time for a bite to eat before continuing the kayaking.