3-Hour Trips from Anacortes

Abundant wildlife and beautiful San Juan Islands scenery are yours to enjoy on this 3-hour sea kayaking tour from Anacortes. A cluster of three islands and one National Wildlife Refuge is home to a large population of seals and porpoises, giving you a wonderful opportunity for meaningful encounters. Although we can never predict when they may appear, in recent years Orca whale sightings have increased dramatically near Anacortes as the animals patrol the channels hunting for food.

Please note that solo travelers will have to join this trip in a single kayak. We do not team you with another traveler or one of our guides. There is an additional fee. Learn more about single kayak rentals.

April - September / Limited October - March

Per Person: $119 Adults | $109 Kids 12 and under | $149 Singles
Early Bird Special: $109 | $149 Singles
Price per person. More Info: Rates & Schedules

Departing: 8:30am (Early Bird), 10:30am, 12:30pm,
2:30pm, 4:30pm
$5.00 Parking Fee on Site

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Your time is precious. Avoid the hassles associated with the Washington State Ferry and depart directly from beautiful Fidalgo Island, the only San Juan Island connected to the mainland by bridges. Join us! Here are a few reasons you will love this popular trip:

  • Excellent wildlife viewing possibilities: seals, porpoises, bald eagles, and more! (whale sightings are unpredictable by nature.)
  • Beautiful San Juan Islands scenery, a historic lighthouse, Olympic mountains views.
  • Undeveloped shorelines and quiet waterways. Avoid the summer crowds.
  • No Ferry Hassles! Save time, save money.

No Ferry Hassles!

Washington State has so many wonderful places to see. Maximize your time by experiencing kayaking in the San Juan Islands without planning around a ferry schedule. During the summer months the San Juan Islands ferry can often become a burden. Crowded boats and sailing delays are common and can frustrate your plans to see other places.

Anacortes is located on beautiful Fidalgo Island, the only island connected to the mainland by bridges, and you can drive directly to us. Our convenient location is just a short drive to many of Washington State’s most popular destinations.

Abundant Wildlife

The narrow passages between the islands on this kayak trip are home to one of the most studied populations of Harbor porpoises in Washington. Encounters are not uncommon as they relentlessly pursue the abundance of food here. The nearby wildlife refuge provides protection for a large population of seals who give birth to their pups in the summer months. These curious animals often approach kayaks as if begging to be photographed.  Loads of exciting marine mammal encounters can be had around Burrows Island. We never know when or where it will happen, nor is it possible for kayakers to actively pursue sightings, but keep your eyes open and maybe you will get lucky!

bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and a variety of interesting sea birds. Deer and coyotes also swim between the islands which can often be viewed along the shoreline. On low tides a strange new world becomes exposed to kayakers and you will love to see these fascinating intertidal creatures.

Beautiful Scenery

The San Juan Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Washington State for a good reason. The mild climate and natural beauty cannot be beaten. Kayaking from Fidalgo Island you will be treated to views of the Olympic Mountains and the maze of the San Juan Islands laid out before you.

The beauty isn’t limited to distant landmarks. You will be kayaking near Burrows Island, Allan Island, and Young Island. All three islands are characterized by rocky cliffs topped with grassy slopes, giving way to tangled forests of evergreen trees and flowering shrubs. Rising out of the depths are vast undersea forests of kelp which are home to an array of sea creatures and provide a protected rest area for both seals and sea kayakers.

No Experience Necessary

Like all of our tours, this 3-hour sea kayak trip requires no paddling experience. Your guide will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.

We have designed our day trips to be comfortable and fun outings. The goal is not to cover vast territory, but rather to move slowly and take in your surroundings. After all, the slower you go, the more you will see! If you would prefer this to be a more strenuous activity then please give us a call. We may possibly be able to arrange a trip that suits your needs.

Single and Tandem Kayaks Available

Anacortes Kayak Tours is currently the only outfitter in the San Juan Islands to offer the choice of single kayaks or tandem kayaks for our guests. While tandem kayaks are the more comfortable choice for most people, we understand that some folks want to paddle their own kayak. If you choose a single kayak we recommend that you be in moderately good physical condition because you will not have a partner to help you propel the kayak. Supplies of single kayaks are limited so you should reserve early to ensure that you can secure one. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.