3-Hour Kayak Tours from
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Outstanding scenery, abundant wildlife, and one of the most protected routes anywhere in the San Juan Islands. This is a favorite kayaking trip for beginners and families with children. You’ll be rewarded with fantastic views of many of the outer San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands. Paddle out and search for seals, porpoises, and other marine wildlife.

If your plans include a stay in Friday Harbor then you won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity!

Solo travelers must use a single kayak. Single kayaks are not available for trips from San Juan Island. If you are a solo traveler please check our trips from Anacortes More info>>

April - September

Per Person: $125
Price per person. More Info: Rates & Schedules

Departing: 10:00am, 2:00pm

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Here are a few reasons you will love this popular trip:

  • Calm water, beautiful San Juan Islands scenery.
  • Lots of seals, porpoises, bald eagles, and other exciting wildlife.
  • Great for beginners and families.

Abundant Wildlife

The calmer waters on the north-side of San Juan Island provide habitat for a variety of interesting wildlife. Your kayaking route will take you near Battleship Island, a national wildlife refuge and home to a dense population of harbor seals. In thick kelp forests, you’ll find many interesting sea creatures that hide here. Bald eagles keep watch from the shoreline trees and the sharp chatter of kingfishers fill the air. (Due to the relaxing pace of these trips and unpredictable movement of whales we cannot actively seek out whale encounters. Any sightings are up to the whales themselves.)

Beautiful Scenery

Departing from a quaint historic resort, you begin your trip in a beautiful place. Historic buildings on the hillside provide a scenic backdrop to the modern yachts in the marina. As you leave the harbor you are treated to wild views into the Canadian Gulf Islands and the outer San Juan Islands. The protected northwest side of San Juan Island provides warm and quiet marine air filled with an intoxicating fragrance of evergreen trees and sea life. On San Juan Island, there is no place more peaceful than here.

No Experience Necessary

Like all of our tours, this 3-hour sea kayaking trip requires no paddling experience. Your professional guide will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy the trip. Our 3-Hour Trips are comfortable and fun outings. The goal is not to cover vast territory, but rather to move slowly and take in your surroundings. After all, the slower you go, the more you will see!

For your comfort and security, we custom-designed special sea kayak docks that make entering and exiting our kayaks almost effortless. The first few minutes of this kayak tour are in the bathtub-like conditions of the marina. This allows folks who have never been sea kayaking before to settle in and get comfortable in the kayak.

There is something new around every corner on this kayaking tour. Our knowledgeable kayak guides are always on the lookout for seals, eagles, porpoise, and any other marine wildlife that may be passing by.

Although we pride ourselves on not making unreasonable claims in regards to sea kayaking with Orca whales, this trip presents opportunities to see whales and many of the other creatures that call the San Juan Islands home.

Every day is different, but one thing is certain, you will enjoy your experience of kayaking in one of the most outstanding places in Washington State.