4-Day Kayak Expeditions

Enjoy the early morning stillness and thick marine air, hot cup of coffee in hand, sleeping bag wrapped around your shoulders to fend off the morning chill. Off the shore a seal’s head breaks the mirror-calm surface of the sea. Everybody else is still sleeping, this is your time.

These 4-day kayak expeditions are the corrective medicine for the rat race back at home.

No schedules to follow, no forced ground to cover. This is a trip through the San Juan Islands that you and your professional guide can create together and is based on your individual needs and desires as well as the prevailing conditions.

No experience is necessary, and it is appropriate for most ages.

May - September

All Inclusive: $1099 | Self-Catered: $949
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, 6-person minimum. **Single occupancy, private tent: $50 fee.
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No Ferry Hassles!

We know you want to spend less time traveling and more time kayaking. This trip accomplishes that goal and gets you out on the water faster than any other. No San Juan Island ferry hassles are necessary to begin your expedition. We depart directly from Anacortes on lovely Fidalgo Island, and you can drive directly to us, saving all sorts of time, worries, and added expense.


The protected status of the Cypress Island Marine Reserve and its large neighbor to the west, Blakely Island, has created a healthy and diverse habitat that supports some of the densest wildlife populations in the Puget Sound region. This abundance of animals spills into the surrounding waters and forests, creating many wildlife viewing opportunities. Seals and porpoises are found in good numbers here, and a large population of nesting bald eagles are regularly seen. Other exciting marine mammals cruise through the waters of Rosario Strait, taking advantage of the nutrient-rich waters. Every day is different, and every day brings discoveries!


This part of the San Juan Islands is sparsely populated and heavily forested. The islands are also taller here than they are further west. This combination makes for stunning natural views wherever you go. Watch the sunrise over Mount Baker and the Cascade Mountains, and enjoy toasting the sunset with a glass of wine, a gratifying way to finish a day of kayaking.

Delicious Cuisine

We hope to exceed your expectations regarding the food we serve. We understand that the one thing that you are sure to remember is whether the food was good. On our tours, you won’t be hungry! As the company's owners, we see to the creation of each meal plan on our multi-day camping expeditions. We source much of our food from local organic farms here in the Skagit and Samish River valleys and use the freshest seasonal ingredients possible in all of our dishes. If you have any special dietary needs, then just let us know, we can accommodate almost any request.


This is an authentic kayak expedition camping experience! Once you depart from Anacortes, you will be entirely self-sufficient, carrying everything you need in your kayaks. Your campsites are all located near the sea and offer nice views from your tent. Although running water is often absent at many camp areas, we bring all that we need and have locations where we can refill with fresh water. Washington State Parks manages well-maintained toilets.

No Experience Necessary!

Like all our kayak tours, this one requires no previous paddling experience. On the 4-day trips, your guide will plan a rough outline of possible itineraries, and then they will talk with you about different options so that you can help to create your own meaningful experience. This trip is appropriate for most ages and abilities.

What is included (Fully Catered Package*)

  • Professional guiding service.
  • All of your kayaking equipment (boats, paddles, lifejackets, dry bags, etc).
  • All meals (from lunch on Day One to lunch on Day Three) plus snacks, hot drinks, and limited cold drink mixes. Please feel free to bring your alcohol of choice.
  • Cooking Equipment.
  • Complimentary insulated travel mug to take home with you afterward!
  • All camping equipment, including tents and insulated Thermarest sleeping pads.
  • All land use permits/fees.
  • The best customer service support in the industry.

Please check our packing list carefully to ensure you have the appropriate gear. If you plan to bring any of your equipment, then please let us know before arrival so that we do not bring unnecessary duplicates.

*Self-Catered package includes everything above, except food, cooking equipment, travel mug, and camping equipment. This is a great option if you already have your camping gear and want a budget-conscious choice.

What is not included:

  • Flights, airport transfers, taxis, transportation to launch site.
  • Travel/Medical insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Rain Gear.
  • Personal Items (toiletries, clothing, headlamps, etc.).

Sleeping bags can be rented for $35/trip if you prefer to travel without one. Please reserve these in advance to ensure that we have one ready for you. They can also be reserved at the time of booking.

About The Area

Rosario Strait is the principal waterway in this part of the San Juan Islands. It connects the much larger Strait of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Strait, and it is a hotbed of activity for many kinds of wildlife. There are several National Wildlife Refuges here, and the remarkable Cypress Island Reserve, with its unbroken forested slopes, dominates the scene. The 10,781-foot snow-capped peak of (Koma) Kulshan/Mount Baker looms over it all, making it a quintessential Pacific Northwest landscape. In recent years the numbers of transient orca whale sightings have exploded in numbers throughout the San Juan islands, and we have seen a corresponding increase in encounters on all of our tours, much to the delight of our guests and our guides.

On this rewarding 4-day kayak camping expedition, we will take you to this untrammeled side of the San Juan Islands. Gliding silently through the scenery, your kayak can get up close and personal with everything that makes this part of north Puget Sound so special.

For four days, we will make our way off the beaten path, utilizing Marine Parks as our homes for the night. Our exact itinerary is never set in stone and we encourage collaboration between you and your guide to create a memorable experience. This is an expedition that we want you to be a part of. Our guests help us create unique adventures on every outing.

Most trips paddle out on a grand tour that may include the James Island Marine Park, Obstruction Pass State Park on Orcas Island, the Doe Island Marine Park, and the truly outstanding Cypress Island Reserve. Some trips may even go to the very popular Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island. Bald eagles, pods of porpoises, and the ubiquitous Harbor seals are just a few of the critters who will grace us with their presence while we explore the area. We’ve encountered humpback whales, transient orca whales, and resident killer whales, as well as visits from an expanding population of grizzly-bear-sized stellar sea lions. At camp on James Island there are trails leading to great views of the Cascade Mountains. And on Cypress Island there is more hiking than you’d be able to accomplish in a week, including the jaw-dropping world-class vista on top of Eagle Cliff. Other relaxing camp activities on all of the islands include browsing through the intertidal zone, finding that perfect skipping stone, or the all-important task of inspecting cloud formations.

This trip gives you the chance to paddle through the best of the eastern San Juan Islands, with the chance to explore the seldom-visited shorelines of privately owned Blakely Island, Decatur Island, and Obstruction Island. Paddle near the Willow Island National Wildlife Refuge or maybe photograph seals hauled out on Rim, Ram, and Rum Islands in Lopez Pass. With no ferry hassles to deal with, you are out on your paddling adventure right away, and with so much to see you’ll want to get an early start!

Is this for you?

We specialize in small group, all inclusive, multi-day sea kayak trips in the San Juans.

  • On these multi-day sea kayaking expeditions we strictly adhere to a 6 guest per guide ratio.
  • All trips larger than 6 people will have two guides.
  • Groups of 6 or more guests can choose to have a private kayaking experience! (multi-day trips only)
  • A small sea kayaking group can move much more efficiently. We need less time attending to logistical issues like setting up or breaking camp and have more time for exploring and having fun in the San Juan Islands.

The longer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions are best suited for folks in reasonably good shape. Occasionally there is a need to make a long push to get to the next campsite and we would not want to wear anyone out on a long crossing. We actually design these trips to be a little more physically involved. 5 day trips might average 8-10 miles per day paddling.

Anacortes Kayak Tours reserves the right to change or cancel available departure dates and prices. Once you book a kayak tour with us we will run it, as long as weather conditions permit us to conduct a safe sea kayaking excursion.