Self Catered Multi-day Sea Kayaking Trips

Save money on a multi-day sea kayaking trip by bringing your own camping gear! This is a good option if you have the camping gear and prefer to do things on your own. We will provide all the sea kayaking equipment and a professional guide, you bring all your own camping gear and food. *All multi-day trips have a 4-person minimum.

May - September

Self-Catered: Check individual trips for pricing
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy. All multi-day trips have a 4-person minimum. **Single occupancy, private tent: $50 fee.
More Info: Rates & Schedules

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Delicious Cuisine!

Weight is not much of an issue on multi-day sea kayaking trips and so you can plan a much fancier meal plan than on a backpacking trip. There is room in our boats for a small cooler (please ask about dimensions, especially if you are in a single kayak), as well as plenty of room for those special extra treats. If you like to enjoy a drink at the end of the day then be sure to bring along plenty of beer or wine!
If you have any questions about how much food and drink that you can bring then be sure to call. We’d be happy to help you plan.


This is a true expedition camping experience! Once you depart from the beach you will be entirely self-sufficient, carrying all that you need in your kayaks. We have many Marine Parks in the San Juan Islands, each one has a slightly different character and all are beautiful, Water is available at some campsites, but not at all of them. We will let you know how much water you will need to bring. High-tech composting toilets have been installed by Washington State land managers for your convenience. All of the campsites are located on or near the landing beaches and so only limited portaging of gear is required.

No Experience Necessary!

Like all of our kayak tours, this one requires no previous paddling experience. Our fun and professional guides will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.
The Self Catered Kayaking Trip is best suited for people who like to use their own gear and prefer to cook their own meals. If you have any questions about whether this trip is appropriate for members of your group then please call us to discuss it.

What is included in the Self Catered Package:

  • Professional guiding service.
  • All of your kayaking equipment (boats, paddles, lifejackets, dry bags, etc).
  • All camping fees.
  • The best customer service support in the industry.

Please check our packing list carefully to make sure that you have the appropriate gear. If you have any questions at all then please call us. We are happy to assist you.

What is not included:

  • Flights, airport transfers, taxis, transportation to launch site.
  • Travel/Medical insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Sleeping bags .
  • Rain Gear
  • Personal Items (toiletries, clothing, headlamps, etc.)

Sleeping bags can be rented for $35/trip if you prefer to travel without one. Please reserve these in advance to ensure that we have one ready for you, can also be reserved at the time of booking.

Is this for you?

We specialize in small group, all inclusive, multi-day sea kayak trips in the San Juans.

  • On these multi-day sea kayaking expeditions we strictly adhere to a 6 guest per guide ratio.
  • All trips larger than 6 people will have two guides.
  • Groups of 6 or more guests can choose to have a private kayaking experience! (multi-day trips only)
  • A small sea kayaking group can move much more efficiently. We need less time attending to logistical issues like setting up or breaking camp and have more time for exploring and having fun in the San Juan Islands.

The longer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions are best suited for folks in reasonably good shape. Occasionally there is a need to make a long push to get to the next campsite and we would not want to wear anyone out on a long crossing. We actually design these trips to be a little more physically involved. 5 day trips might average 8-10 miles per day paddling.

Anacortes Kayak Tours reserves the right to change or cancel available departure dates and prices. Once you book a kayak tour with us we will run it, as long as weather conditions permit us to conduct a safe sea kayaking excursion.