Single Kayaks

Who is best suited for use of our single kayaks?

  • Experienced kayakers who don’t have access to a boat, or are interested in building local knowledge of the San Juan Islands.
  • Novice kayakers who have paddled before and are interested in learning more kayaking skills.
  • Totally inexperienced people with reasonable athletic abilities, moderate fitness, and a taste for adventure!

Limitations on who should sign up for this option:

  • Unless prior arrangements are approved, the use of single kayaks is limited to guests 18 years and older.
  • For your comfort and enjoyment of the trip you should be moderately fit, reasonably athletic, and have no physical limitations.
  • Paddling a single kayak is a bit more work than when you have a partner in a tandem kayak and keeping the boat tracking straight is not as straightforward in the smaller boats.
  • Also, your sense of balance should be fairly well developed as the single kayaks are not as stable. Capsizing is more likely when paddling a single kayak, so you should be prepared for that possibility. We do have wet suits available for people who want to be ready for immersion, and we highly recommend that you use them (some days it may be required by your trip leader).
  • Our individual weight limit is 225 pounds, and 6'3" in height. Larger folks may find the boats to be slightly uncomfortable for the duration of the trip.

Please call if you have questions about this, these limits are not “carved in stone” but are guidelines that we have found to be fairly accurate. Our guides are very good at Risk Management and we trust their judgement. If a trip leader feels that any individual may compromise the safety of the trip then they may be asked to join the tour in a tandem kayak (at the lower rate), or receive a full refund if they choose not to go. Thank you for understanding!

If the prevailing weather or tidal currents create conditions that might compromise a guest’s security in a single kayak then we reserve the right to cancel the reservation of that boat. Participants will be offered the use of a tandem boat, at the lower rate, or be offered a full refund if they choose not to join the trip. Again, thank you for understanding, your safety and comfort is our primary concern!

Caveat: We have a limited supply of single kayaks, so reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. We may not be able to facilitate all requests. Environmental conditions (weather, etc) may preclude the use of singles on a trip, this decision is at the discretion of AKT management and AKT trip leaders. In the event that we feel that we cannot use single kayaks on a trip participants will be invited to use our more stable tandem boats, at the lower rate, or be given a full refund if they choose not to go out.

Please know your limits! If AKT management, or AKT trip leaders, determine that an individual will compromise the safety of the tour then the participant may be asked to switch into a tandem kayak. Be aware that this may occur at any point during the tour. In these cases the participant will be reimbursed for the cost of the single kayak and be charged for the use of a tandem instead.

Anacortes 3-Hour and 5-Hour Trips

We are one of the few kayaking companies that can make this available to our customers and it has long been part of our offering.

Please note that solo travelers will have to join 3 and 5-hour Anacortes trips in a single kayak. We do not team you with another traveler or one of our guides. There is an additional fee. Please note, single kayaks are not available on San Juan Island trips. Thank you for your understanding.

Multi-Day Trips

Please read this page carefully as it contains important information about the use of single kayaks on our overnight tours.

Fee: $50 per person / per day

Currently we are the only kayak tour company in the San Juan Islands that offers the use of single kayaks on our tours. We feel comfortable accommodating your requests because our trip leaders receive safety training that is far more comprehensive than the current industry standards for the area. They are well prepared to handle any issues that may arise from the use of singles and to ensure your comfort and enjoyment of the trip.

As we continue to grow and develop this new program we encourage your feedback so that we can provide the best possible service to our guests. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Why does it cost more?

The use of single kayaks on these trips will only cost more if a guest asks to reserve the use of one. Some trips will have singles present in order to accommodate odd numbered groups. In these cases there is no extra charge because we prefer that our staff lead the tours from their own single kayaks for safety reasons, and to be able to interact with participants more efficiently.

If you specifically reserve the single kayak then we will be booking the trip accordingly which will reduce the size of the group, and the availability of that single kayak for others to use. Due to the limited supply of singles in our fleet, and a limit on the number of kayaks that we are allowed to use on each trip, we feel that to be fair to everyone a reasonable surcharge is appropriate. Thanks for understanding!

Some Logistical Concerns

Single kayaks have less storage volume than our expedition tandem kayaks, consequently you will want to take this into consideration when packing for your trip. You will want to leave unnecessary and bulky items behind. Any questions about this should be directed to AKT owners, Megan and Erik Schorr.

In the unlikely event that there are only single kayaks participating in an overnight trip we may need to amend our meal plan a bit. Naturally we will still provide healthy and delicious options, but due to space limitations it may be necessary to make a few alterations to what we bring. We will address this when you are booking the trip, but feel free to ask any questions that may arise.

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