Outer Islands Kayak Trip - Sucia Island Marine State Park 3-Day Premium Trip

Our 3-Day Premium Kayak Trip to Sucia Island is the stuff of dreams. At the extreme northern edge of the archipelago lies the Outer Islands. Sucia Island, perched on the edge of a vast inland sea and with cliffs eroded into phantasmagoric honeycombs, it is a sea kayaking paradise. You need to see this.

June - September

All Inclusive: $1550 per person
Premium 3-Day Trip / 4 Person Minimum
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy. **Single occupancy, private tent: $50 fee.
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For our 3-Day premium kayak trip to Sucia Island, you'll hop on board a high-speed water-taxi, loaded with your kayaks and all of your gear, and treat yourself to a premium guided sea kayaking experience. This trip invites adventurers to join your professional guides on a very special trip. Comfortable tents with cots and luxury mattresses ensure a great night’s sleep. Outstanding meals served with Washington wine, or locally crafted beer will nourish your body. Join us!

Cruise the Islands

The boat does the heavy lifting on this premium kayaking trip, no need to paddle a loaded kayak. Your trip begins with a comfortable and scenic ride through Rosario Strait aboard a fast moving water-taxi. While cruising past the Cypress Island Reserve, beautiful Orcas Island, and the rest of the eastern San Juan Islands, you’ll want to keep watch for whales and other marine mammals along the way. As the boat rounds the top of Orcas Island you’ll enter the wide body of water known as Georgia Strait and the Outer San Juan Islands will come into view in the distance. After an hour or so the water-taxi will approach the Sucia Island Marine Park and you’ll land at your destination. Relax and enjoy a freshly prepared snack while your guides set up the camp.


Sucia Island is special for many reasons. One of the biggest attractions for sea kayakers is the dense population of seals and sea lions. The offshore reefs and tiny islets allow for many safe areas for the animals to rest out of the water. Orca whales frequently hunt for the seals here and we’ve had many outstanding encounters while kayaking. Paddle under Bald eagle nests, precariously perched in tree limbs over the sea. If you paddle at night the protected coves can often produce brilliant displays of bioluminescence, lighting up fish and seals as they swim by your kayaks.


It is hard to overstate the beauty of Sucia island and the surrounding landscape. Because the islands here are located several miles offshore you will feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere. Mount Constitution, on Orcas Island, rises dramatically from the sea, and unobstructed views of Mount Baker can take your breath away. The wonderful scenery does not stop at the objects in the distance, there is much to see right beside you as well. Golden bluffs of sandstone glow in the evening light, and the honeycombed erosion of the rocks create shapes that inspire the imagination. Search for fossils from the age of the dinosaurs as you walk along the southern beaches. In 2015 a large fossil, belonging to the same group of dinosaurs as T-Rex, was found right here!

Delicious Cuisine

Four our 3-Day premium kayak trip to Sucia Island, we pulled out all the stops. We know that one of the things that you are most likely to remember about your trip is whether you liked the food. On all of our multi-day kayaking trips we provide delicious, healthy, and abundantly portioned food options. The owners of Anacortes Kayak Tours personally see to the menu choices, and source ingredients from locally owned family farms in the Skagit and Samish river valleys. On this premium kayak trip you will love some of the extra goodies that we supply from local providers. A big hit is always AKT owner Megan Schorr’s homemade rhubarb-berry crisp, grown in our company’s organic garden, served with Lopez Island Creamery ice cream! (Yes, ice cream on a camping trip...and why not?!)

Whether you are drizzling organic blueberry sauce from Bow Hill Farms over your pancakes, or savoring a slice of Ladysmith cheese from Samish Bay Farms paired with your favorite wine, you will taste the flavor of our little corner of Washington State. All dinners are provided with a Washington wine, or if you prefer, locally brewed craft beers from the Kulshan Brewery in Bellingham. We can happily accommodate any dietary restrictions. Just let us know.


You won’t be needing to sleep on the ground on this kayak trip. Your oversized tent comes complete with comfortable cots, luxury sleeping pads, pillows, and sleeping bags (if you don’t want to pack your own). We utilize any one of several different camp areas located on Sucia Island, all of them located next to the sea with fire pits, potable water, and well maintained restrooms. Our focus is on making you comfortable in one of the more beautiful places in the San Juan Islands.

No Experience Necessary!

Like all of our kayak tours, this one requires no previous paddling experience. Our fun and professional guides will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. The Sucia Island expedition is best suited for people in moderate physical condition due to the required channel crossing from Orcas Island. If you have any questions about whether this trip is appropriate for members of your group then please call us to discuss it.

What is included (Fully Catered package*):

  • Professional guiding service.
  • All of your kayaking equipment (boats, paddles, lifejackets, dry bags, etc).
  • All meals (from lunch on Day One to Lunch on Day Three) plus snacks, hot drinks, and limited cold drink mixes. Please feel free to bring your own alcohol of choice.
  • Cooking Equipment.
  • Complimentary insulated travel mug to take home with you afterwards!
  • All camping equipment including tents, insulated Thermarest sleeping pads.
  • All land use permits/fees.
  • Boat service to Sucia Island Marine State Park
  • The best customer service support in the industry.

Please check our packing list carefully to make sure that you have the appropriate gear. If you plan to bring any of your own equipment then please let us know prior to arrival so that we do not bring unnecessary duplicates.

*Self-Catered package includes everything above, except food, cooking equipment, travel mug, and camping equipment. This is a great option if you already have your own camping gear and want a budget conscious choice.

What is not included:

  • Flights, airport transfers, taxis, transportation to launch site.
  • Travel/Medical insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Rain Gear
  • Personal Items (toiletries, clothing, headlamps, etc.)

Sleeping bags can be rented for $25/trip if you prefer to travel without one. Please reserve these in advance to ensure that we have one ready for you, can also be reserved at the time of booking.

About The Area

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The Sucia Island Group is part of the northern San Juan Islands collectively referred to as “The Outer Islands”. Sucia Island itself is a horseshoe-shaped island which is accessible only by watercraft. Sea kayakers and boaters venturing into its many coves quickly discover why Sucia Island is considered the crown jewel in the state marine park system and a boating destination that is truly world class.

The main island, surrounded by picturesque rocks and smaller islands, gave pause to the Spanish explorers who navigated its waters in 1791. They called it “sucia” or “foul,” a nautical term describing navigational obstacles such as the rocks around the island. The island and its waters are, in fact, pristine, and the satellite rocks make for interesting sea kayaking. A large population of Harbor seals use many of these rocks as haul outs to rest on, providing visitors with ample viewing opportunities. These same seals also attract their main predator, the Orca whale, groups of which are frequently seen prowling the shorelines.

In 2012 a large dinosaur leg bone was excavated from the banks of Sucia Island. Belonging to the group of dinosaurs known as Therapods (which incudes the T-Rex!) this is the first time that we have had evidence of these massive creatures appearing in the island rocks. While large dinosaur remains are very rare, the southern shores of Sucia Island are thick with smaller fossil beds. Intrepid explorers can spend hours walking along the beaches among these signs of ancient times. Collecting fossils is strictly forbidden, but looking at them is highly encouraged.

Known for its emerald waters and forested trails, its magnificent sunsets and sandstone formations, Sucia Island is prized by locals for its off-season beauty and solitude. Sucia Island Marine State Park is a 564-acre marine park with 77,700 feet of shoreline and abundant camping and moorage.