AKT Guide Sammy 'Scout' Spence

Sammy ‘Scout’ Spence


Sammy 'Scout' Spence has been working, teaching and guiding in the outdoor industry for the past 6 years. Her love for the outdoors began as a place to find inspiration for paintings and drawings, and over time this curiosity has became a passion.

Scout has taught skiing in Montana, boot packed all over Lone Peak. She guided troubled teens through the backcountry of North Carolina, teaching primitive fire skills, therapeutic group art sessions, and backcountry survival skills. She believes there are trees to climb and mountains to summit and stories to tell and mountains to paint. Scout is stoked to share this wild adventure out on the water with you, she believes the only way to truly find the magic in this world is to get out there and play among it.

When she isn’t photographing the world around her, or writing adventure stories for outdoor brands, you can probably find her sitting in the sunshine, singing with her guitar and her dog, Gatsby, who is probably howling along.

Sammy ‘Scout’ Spence, AKT Guide