Let's Plan Your Staycation 2021 Sea Kayak Adventure

Leave the crowds of the city behind and find some open space on the sea! There is no need to take a plane, a bus, a boat, or a ferry. You can drive directly to Anacortes on lovely Fidalgo Island, the homeport of the San Juan Islands. Experience the fresh, healthy air of the San Juan Islands from the comfort of a stable sea kayak. 

No Experience Necessary!

At a time when many people are questioning the wisdom of being among crowds we offer a fun and healthy outdoor activity that provides plenty of open space for everybody. Our groups are always small. Our equipment is always sanitized before use. Fun and professional guides will accompany you on all of our trips. They provide you with all you need to know about paddling, and they also know the best places in the San Juan Islands to find interesting wildlife.

Social Distancing

Anacortes Kayak Tours specializes in small group excursions. Participants can expect plenty of personal space. Being in a kayak naturally provides more than double the recommended social distancing space recommended by experts.  Explore the San Juan Islands at a relaxed pace as we search for wildlife and amazing views. Our average group size is eight participants for day-trips, and four participants for multi-day camping trips.

If you are traveling as a family, or a group of close friends looking for a healthy way to get outside and avoid large group activities then give us a call. We offer private trips at no extra cost!

Join us on a fun journey of discovery in the San Juan Islands!

Hassle-Free Trips: No ferries or public transportation

Day Trips Link
1.5 Hour Trip: The Quickie INFO
3-Hour Trip: Anacortes, Fidalgo Island INFO
5-Hour Trip: Anacortes, Fidalgo Island INFO
Overnight Kayak Trips
2-Day, Cypress INFO
3-Day, Cypress INFO
4-Day: Anacortes, Fidalgo Island INFO
5-Day: Anacortes, Fidalgo Island INFO

Stress Free,
Vitamin D Rich,
Joyful, and
Sea Kayak Trips

Discovery and play
Sun and relaxation
Multi-day Trips
Calm and invigorating

Healthy Choices

When thinking about healthy activities for yourself and your families we encourage you to consider the benefits of our kayak tours. Our trips have always been, and continue to be, one of the healthiest activities offered to visitors in the San Juan Islands. 

  • Social Distancing - The very nature of being in a sea kayak promotes appropriate social distancing. Even when the small groups are paddling near each other the boats naturally maintain more than double the recommended six feet distances to prevent transmission of illness. 
  • Exercise - Movement, particularly in the beautiful surroundings of our islands, lowers stress hormones and encourages your body to strengthen its immune system.
  • Fresh air - A healthy environment is one with lots of fresh air. You can’t get fresher air than out on the sea and away from all crowds.
  • Disconnect - Even if only for a few hours, the ability to disconnect from our busy world and just appreciate nature is vastly rewarding and healthy for us all.
  • No ferry hassles! At a time when you may be thinking twice about crowded spaces and public transportation it is nice to be able to drive directly to us. A single ferry can carry more people in one day than we take out all summer long. No ferries are required to enjoy our excursions from Anacortes and so your exposure to the general public is very restricted. 
Caring For Our Guests is Our #1 Priority
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