A memorable 2 days in the San Juans

Erik Schorr

Thanks so much for a memorable 2 days in the San Juans! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment, though our shoulders and backs indicated that we should’ve done a better job getting in paddling shape beforehand! You could not have tailor-made a menu more suitable for our family (down to the s’mores!) nor have given us a better guide/chef/friend for the trip than Ben (though he did say he needed to work on his orca calling skills).

The overall logistics and equipment for the trip were well organized, top notch and made for a smooth, organized and comfortable trip for all of us. The weather, campsite, scenery, and wildlife were also superb, so thank you as well for controlling these elements for our maximum enjoyment. 🙂

Also, thank you for your hard work in keeping these wonderful natural areas pristine and intact while at the same time sharing your knowledge and passion for the environment with others.

That’s the key to conservation in my book.

Much aloha to all of you.

Melinda Y. Ching, Senior Attorney-Asia Pacific/Hawaii The Nature Conservancy