A wonderful and memorable experience kayaking

Erik Schorr

I want to thank you both for providing us such a wonderful and memorable experience kayaking last week. Andrew, Matt, and I had a fabulous time.

Megan — thank you in particular for the fine shopping and meal planning. The boys and I were joking that we ate better during the trip than we did at home the past 2 months (due to baseball and the need for lots of hasty meals.) We certainly didn’t lose weight.

Thanks too to Tiffan and Pete, our guides. They really made the trip special. I can’t say enough about their expert planning, and the fun we had with their local knowledge. I’m not normally a “guided tour” kind of guy, but this trip was the better for everything they brought to the table.

Erik — we really enjoyed the stories on the ferry home. A fun and interesting end to the whole trip. I have passed on your contact info to a bunch of people at work who have expressed interest in the experience. I hope your next few years are overrun with Chicagoans. Thanks again. I hope we can do this again someday.

Pete, Matt, and Andrew Noone