Thank you

Erik Schorr

Hello team at Anacortes — Wendy, Erik, Jeremiah, Gary and Megan and everyone else who helped to make our trip so special!


Hey guys Roger and I are now in Juneau about to hit the mountains for a week of running and I just wanted to pause and say thank you so much for a wonderful visit to the San Juan Islands. We had a lovely time and it was such a special part of our trip this last month. Despite some crummy weather the trip was superb and Saturday was particularly special for me. I was so happy I was practically levitating! And of course Saturday was rounded off by some wonderful beach theatre!

Jeremiah, good luck for the 50miler this weekend, kick butt and have fun. Gary, good luck for your kayak trip planning and see you down south soon. Megan and Wendy, thanks so much for the super organizing and being our local post office — Roger and I will be hitting the trails with our new running packs soon. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and kind — rock stars!

If any of you or your friends from akt are even thinking of coming to Cape Town or South Africa please let us know — we have beds, mtns, great outdoors and despite the presence of the sub-awesome kayaking!

Many thanks again — a big South African hug — Baie Dankie bru!

Kylie and Roger