They were intent on spoiling us

Erik Schorr

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the tour to Cypress Island (Sept. 2008). Freddie and Peter were great guides. They were extremely friendly and cheerful, and very well qualified to lead us. What made it especially nice was that both Freddie and Peter related well to both us old fogies as well as the younger guys on the trip. In addition, they were intent on spoiling us, providing excellent cooking prep and clean up service as well as porter service! Finally, and maybe most important, they were knowledgeable, first about kayaking in different conditions, and second, about the wildlife, intertidal life, and history of Cypress Island. My sister, Cynthia, who is a marine science and map librarian at a New York University, and a seasoned kayaker, was completely satisfied with all aspects of the trip!

This trip to Cypress Island was my first experience kayaking in the San Juan Islands, or Puget Sound. I was glad to realize how much personal interest you two owners took in the guests, yet not over-selling your business, and in providing what I considered was a perfect tour. I would recommend Anacortes Kayak Tours to anyone interested in kayaking in the San Juans.

Thanks for providing a lifetime memory for my sister and me as we celebrate our 61st birthday next month!

Warm regards from both of us.

p.s. My friends and family were so impressed with how far we had paddled, they felt sure that I had lost some weight. The truth is that the food was so well prepared by Freddie, and so abundant, that I gained weight!

Cynthia Dietz and Susan Larsen