Anacortes Kayak Tours


Very relaxed and nice pace

We had a wonderful trip. Blake was a great guide. Very relaxed and nice pace. The side trip to the lighthouse was magical, and nice to get out and stretch. You do a good job of getting people out on the water safely and comfortably. The equipment was top notch. Well done!!! We will let friends know about the great trip we had.

Barbara Beattie

Thank you

Hello team at Anacortes — Wendy, Erik, Jeremiah, Gary and Megan and everyone else who helped to make our trip so special!


Hey guys Roger and I are now in Juneau about to hit the mountains for a week of running and I just wanted to pause and say thank you so much for a wonderful visit to the San Juan Islands. We had a lovely time and it was such a special part of our trip this last month. Despite some crummy weather the trip was superb and Saturday was particularly special for me. I was so happy I was practically levitating! And of course Saturday was rounded off by some wonderful beach theatre!

Jeremiah, good luck for the 50miler this weekend, kick butt and have fun. Gary, good luck for your kayak trip planning and see you down south soon. Megan and Wendy, thanks so much for the super organizing and being our local post office — Roger and I will be hitting the trails with our new running packs soon. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and kind — rock stars!

If any of you or your friends from akt are even thinking of coming to Cape Town or South Africa please let us know — we have beds, mtns, great outdoors and despite the presence of the sub-awesome kayaking!

Many thanks again — a big South African hug — Baie Dankie bru!

Kylie and Roger

Amazed by the scenery and wildlife

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Sucia with my husband and another couple. We had a great time with Jeremiah, our guide. We were amazed by the scenery, wildlife, and the general beauty of the San Juan Islands. Jeremiah was professional but down-to-earth, and we always felt completely safe because of his degree of knowledge and experience. The food was great—we’ve all changed the way we think about what’s possible for food options when we’re camping. 🙂

We really appreciate your commitment to customer service and safety, and we’ll be recommending your company for sure!

Kristen Richards

What customer service can and should be

Thank you for everything. Our meeting went like Swiss clockwork from start to finish thanks to you and your amazing guides. I simply can’t say enough good things about those four to do justice to the subtle but stout job they did on our trip. We felt completely safe, the food was nothing short of spectacular (and always right on time!), and they were simultaneously in complete control and entirely respectful of our group. Ours is a company based upon outstanding customer service and it’s perhaps an understatement to say that we demand the same from the agencies and individuals we choose to work with. Anacortes Kayak Tours has certainly lived up to our vision of what customer service can and should be — Bravo!

Kaj Bune

A memorable 2 days in the San Juans

Thanks so much for a memorable 2 days in the San Juans! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment, though our shoulders and backs indicated that we should’ve done a better job getting in paddling shape beforehand! You could not have tailor-made a menu more suitable for our family (down to the s’mores!) nor have given us a better guide/chef/friend for the trip than Ben (though he did say he needed to work on his orca calling skills).

The overall logistics and equipment for the trip were well organized, top notch and made for a smooth, organized and comfortable trip for all of us. The weather, campsite, scenery, and wildlife were also superb, so thank you as well for controlling these elements for our maximum enjoyment. 🙂

Also, thank you for your hard work in keeping these wonderful natural areas pristine and intact while at the same time sharing your knowledge and passion for the environment with others.

That’s the key to conservation in my book.

Much aloha to all of you.

Melinda Y. Ching, Senior Attorney-Asia Pacific/Hawaii The Nature Conservancy

Made our first experience memorable

We were on our first kayak tour today with Andy and Leslie at 9am. What a great experience! Our 9 and 5-year-old daughters can’t stop talking about what they saw and the fun they had kayaking. Just wanted you to know that Andy and Leslie were fantastic and made our first experience memorable. Please send our thanks again to Andy and Leslie for a great trip!


Gary Brennan

They were intent on spoiling us

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the tour to Cypress Island (Sept. 2008). Freddie and Peter were great guides. They were extremely friendly and cheerful, and very well qualified to lead us. What made it especially nice was that both Freddie and Peter related well to both us old fogies as well as the younger guys on the trip. In addition, they were intent on spoiling us, providing excellent cooking prep and clean up service as well as porter service! Finally, and maybe most important, they were knowledgeable, first about kayaking in different conditions, and second, about the wildlife, intertidal life, and history of Cypress Island. My sister, Cynthia, who is a marine science and map librarian at a New York University, and a seasoned kayaker, was completely satisfied with all aspects of the trip!

This trip to Cypress Island was my first experience kayaking in the San Juan Islands, or Puget Sound. I was glad to realize how much personal interest you two owners took in the guests, yet not over-selling your business, and in providing what I considered was a perfect tour. I would recommend Anacortes Kayak Tours to anyone interested in kayaking in the San Juans.

Thanks for providing a lifetime memory for my sister and me as we celebrate our 61st birthday next month!

Warm regards from both of us.

p.s. My friends and family were so impressed with how far we had paddled, they felt sure that I had lost some weight. The truth is that the food was so well prepared by Freddie, and so abundant, that I gained weight!

Cynthia Dietz and Susan Larsen

Tremendous value for the money

Fantastic trip! Pete and Alex were fantastic! They were both knowledgeable and professional. The trip was a tremendous value for the money; great food and top-notch equipment! Thank you so much! Please thank Pete and Alex again for me.

Carl Roth

Next time — five-day trip!

I just returned home from an amazing kayak vacation with you folks, and I’m dreading a return to real life tomorrow. My head is still full of the San Juans and I wish that I could have stayed out for another day, or ten.

I did quite a bit of research before booking the trip and your company stood out clearly. You seemed more personable, friendly, and genuinely excited about what you do.

I also appreciated the realistic expectations on whale sightings.

Many thanks to our guide Pete for his enthusiasm and his willingness to share and teach. I learned an incredible amount in just a few days, and I still want even more! His passion for the outdoors and kayaking kept the crew upbeat throughout. I can’t tell if my abs are sore from kayaking or from laughing so much.

My only regret is that I had to leave. Next time — five-day trip!

Julie Alexander

A wonderful and memorable experience kayaking

I want to thank you both for providing us such a wonderful and memorable experience kayaking last week. Andrew, Matt, and I had a fabulous time.

Megan — thank you in particular for the fine shopping and meal planning. The boys and I were joking that we ate better during the trip than we did at home the past 2 months (due to baseball and the need for lots of hasty meals.) We certainly didn’t lose weight.

Thanks too to Tiffan and Pete, our guides. They really made the trip special. I can’t say enough about their expert planning, and the fun we had with their local knowledge. I’m not normally a “guided tour” kind of guy, but this trip was the better for everything they brought to the table.

Erik — we really enjoyed the stories on the ferry home. A fun and interesting end to the whole trip. I have passed on your contact info to a bunch of people at work who have expressed interest in the experience. I hope your next few years are overrun with Chicagoans. Thanks again. I hope we can do this again someday.

Pete, Matt, and Andrew Noone

Thank you so much for adding the 5 hour trip

I want to thank you so much for adding the 5 hour trip on Friday. I know that you went out of your way to accommodate me. I deeply appreciate it. I had a wonderful time with your two guides—James and Alex. James knew where to look to see all the wildlife at just the right moments. We saw seals, sea otters, eagles, great blue heron, falcons, jellyfish and beautiful purple starfish the size of a baseball glove. I will definitely recommend you to all of my paddling clubs in Chicago. I hope to be back next year and try another of your tours.

Steve Kirchen

Truly was a trip of a lifetime!

I just wanted to thank you for arranging an incredible kayak trip for my sister and I — it truly was a trip of a lifetime! Peter was an incredible guide who was so helpful and informative plus we were blessed with amazing wildlife to watch and perfect weather. It could not have been better.


Tour was everything your website promised and more

I just wanted to let you know that the tour was everything your website promised and more. We saw bald eagles, harbor seals, purple starfish, anemones, water, sky, interesting geology and more. We tasted two kinds of kelp, learned about tide runs, skipped stones into the ocean, and met a fascinating young guide. What a great day!

I wish you the best of luck with your business.


A first-class organization

I just wanted to say “Thanks” for a wonderful day of Kayaking yesterday around Cypress Island.

For 4–5 years we have been doing a yearly outing of a guided kayak trip and found your group to be the most organized, friendly and well equipped so far.

Your kayaks, life vests and spray skirts were by far the best, driest and cleanest …And the fact that we did not have to “schlep” our own kayaks off/on the beach and truck was a real treat!! You have a first-class organization going and I wish you continued success!!

Noel (Nikki)

Burrows Island Tour was fantastic!

Yesterday evening’s Burrows Island Tour was fantastic! I’m so glad I’ve already signed up for a tour tomorrow, too. I was impressed by everything—the scenery (of course, but I expected that); our guide, Wayne; and the quality of the equipment. I felt totally confident and comfortable, although it was my first time in a kayak and I hate swimming! I was really glad to get to try out the Skwoosh seat pads.


We look forward to going on the longer kayak tour

Thank you for a wonderful kayak experience to Burrows Island last Saturday. We look forward to going on the longer kayak tour on our next trip to Anacortes. Wayne did a wonderful job as our guide and “safety net.”

John and Kaye

We’re psyched

We’re psyched about our trip! Thanks, you have been very helpful. Your
web site rocks.


Great first-time sea kayaking experience

Just wanted to let you know what a great first-time sea kayaking experience you provided for my husband and I yesterday. We had a great time. Your approach was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and most of all…fun! Our kudos to Dave as well. As guides, you compliment each other very well. Your attention to detail and the fact that you provide such good equipment made us feel comfortable and safe the whole time.

Our best to you, your family and hoping you continued success with your business. We’re telling anyone who’ll listen about Anacortes Kayaking Tours and how they should give kayaking a try. Thanks again.

Kim and Dan

We really enjoyed our trip.

Thank you again for taking the 3 of us sea kayaking a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed our trip.

I look forward to going kayaking with you in the future. By the way, my parents will be in Seattle in about two weeks. I gave them your brochure and recommended them to you.


…Your expertise, hard work, and generosity

On behalf of all of the Entirenet guests visiting Decatur Island this past weekend, please allow me to offer our deepest appreciation for all of your help in making our day on Decatur a resounding success! Everyone enjoyed the kayaking tours. I personally compliment you on getting the baby seals and eagles to cooperate. 🙂

Only with your expertise, hard work, and generosity could our day have turned out so great! I truly enjoyed working with everyone in the shop planning out the day, and on the beach on Saturday. You definitely made my job so much easier!

I do look forward to working with you for next year’s event, if not sooner!

Pam Entirenet

Magical day at Sucia Island

Thanks for the magical day at Sucia Island. We are still savoring the moments. What a place! The Wendell Berry quote fits…

The world lives in the death of speech, and sings there

Your guide Dave was such a pleasant pathfinder for us. And a big appreciation to the Anacortes Kayak Tours owners who provided us with this trip. We are spoiled for life!

Sue and Tom

Thanks for making our fifth anniversary so cool

Thanks so much for another great kayaking trip! Our group had an awesome time, we could not have asked for a better adventure. We will be seeing you again soon. Thanks for making our fifth anniversary so cool.

Jason and Sarah

An incredibly perfect day!

All I can say is, what an incredibly perfect day! The only flaw was that it was over *way* too soon. I will definitely be back for another Outer islands kayaking trip. In any case, please keep me posted on any multi-day trips you plan for next summer.


This was on our list to do visiting Seattle

My husband and I decided to add this to our list to do when we visited Seattle and we are so glad we did! Leo was so helpful and since it was just us two, we were so comfortable and it was so much fun! There isn’t any special training you would need beforehand and you just have to use some leg strength, which wasn’t difficult at all. The view is so worth it and it’s just an overall wonderful experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for a different type of adventure!

Bob from Seattle, Washington

Views from the top were great

I had a fantastic time and would highly recommend it. I was very nervous to begin with and had an issue with not being able to bend my knee all the way and our 2 guides (Zack and Matt) were great about adjusting things to help me out. They were very friendly and knowledgeable and explained everything well and made us feel safe and comfortable. The views from the top were great and my friends and I had a lot of fun. It was definitely a workout.

Wanda from Ferndale, Washington

Climb is extremely beautiful and serene

We had an AMAZING time! Matt was our guide – he was fun and personable, super knowledgeable, and really cared about his job. We felt 100% safe the whole time. The area you climb is extremely beautiful and serene – you can hear the waves crashing against the beach as you climb. Eating at the top of the tree was such a unique experience – I would definitely recommend this to any active nature lover. Thanks Matt!!

Amanda from Barrow, Alaska